Today is Fall of Troy Day! UPDATED

Sorry for all the silence! The server is sitting pretty where I like it at the moment, and I haven’t worked on adding anything to it over the last week. Plenty has been going on at work, though it’s been pretty rough on me. My attitude was suffering a little, but I had a good chat with my roommate (we are colleagues at work as well) and we got my head screwed back on straight.

Let’s see, what else? The lizards are doing fine, though I’m a bit concerned about Kimchi – my leopard gecko. He’s been a bit lethargic, and I’m thinking that I haven’t been feeding him entirely right. 🙁 Then again, it might just be the middle of the day and he’s tired. Chopstick, on the other hand, is just as lively and awesome as ever. She’s crawling around on the floor of my bedroom at the moment just enjoying the exercise. I swear, she is like a pit bull in just how much energy and appetite she has… for a lizard anyway.


So, all that aside, I rediscovered some old music that I’d forgotten about a long time ago! The Fall of Troy was one of those bands that I stumbled on by accident. If I remember right, I was looking for music that was very similar to what I already liked at the time — music that included The Mars Volta and The Blood Brothers and what not. In other words, frenetic and chaotic. This group had lots of really good stuff, but probably one of my favorites was “Phantom on the Horizon.” Those who don’t like scream-y or chaotic tunes need not listen.

Chapter 1: Introverting Dimensions

Chapter 2: A Strange Conversation

Chapter 3: Nostalgic Mannerisms

Chapter 4: Enter the Black Demon

Chapter 5: The Walls Bled Lust



Including this, because it’s the actual album that introduced me to this group.