Some Additional Configurations

I swear, it seems like every day that goes by, I find something else that I can change on this server! Just today, I was chatting with one of my good friends (well… kinda half chatting : / ) and I was trying to do something in one of my IRC channels hosting from the server. And… come to find out that I can’t kick an inactive user because I’m not the operator of the channel. And even though I’m the server admin for the server as a whole, I can find no configuration or setting anywhere in the entire server that would allow me to simple usurp the channel and kick the user. Laaaaaaaaaaaaame….

So, do some research. Come to find out that this is a well known limitation of most IRC daemons, and that the way to get past this problem is to install a service called ChanServ. Uh, wat? Ok, so it’s kinda like an addon for any given IRCd which gives the server more functions and more flexibility. You download, compile, and install the service to the machine and then connect it with the IRCd using the configuration file. Once you activate the two together, the server allows you to register chat rooms such that whether you’re in or out of the room, you’re the moderator.

Ok, so that will take care of the problem for sure! But… given that I’m running the whole set up in a chroot jail as it is, I can only imagine how complex it will be to configure. And complex it was! I had to figure out where to put the configuration files and all that stuff, and I had to figure out how to make it all work properly in the chroot jail on top of that. It has made me quite cranky!

Thankfully, it’s working! That’s always the best part of working with these sorts of things, is seeing it working after all that frustration. 😀 Plus the extra service is also running in the chroot jail along with the IRCd, so there’s still that nice extra layer of security and isolation from the rest of the machine. Very, very cool stuff.


For those who probably don’t understand what I’m talking about above; I found something frustrating with a thing on my server, banged my head against my keyboard for a while, and when it started working I drank myself to oblivion. Just keep that picture in your head and all will be well. XD