So… yeah? This is a first for me. A first blog post that is.

I guess I’ll start with a progress report for the server. I didn’t do much server side configuration tonight, aside from a very minor security change for the WordPress script. Mostly, I’ve been tinkering with WordPress itself to get things differentiated into different pages, getting this blog page up and working properly, and so forth. Compared to the past few nights, you could even say that this is a bit boring.

But nah, I’m sure that things will pick up in time! Just need to figure out some more things to do with the server. Perhaps I’ll install some other CMS scripts and play with them? Or perhaps I’ll opt for something more practical and install chat software, since I love to do that so much.


Oh! I did buy a new domain name tonight, and I got all of the stuff server side configured to work with the new domain. Previously, this site was online as, but I decided that was much easier to remember and type. XD Go practicality!