So, something that had kinda been sitting on my mind for a little bit was installing a statistics program to the server to properly parse the access logs. Of course AwStats comes to mind, since that’s the most prominent statistics program at work.

I was able to download and install the package using YUM, and thankfully AwStats came with a configuration script that did most of the difficult stuff for me. After that, it was reading the documentation to figure out how to make the script visible on a web browser. It was a bit difficult to figure out how to do it right, but I eventually opted for having the program build an HTML file, which I symlink’d to the web root.

I figured out the appropriate sequence of commands, and then compiled it all into a simple alias that updates the AwStats database, builds the HTML file, and symlinks it to the webroot. This way, I can just type one word, view my stats, and then type my second alias that removes the symlink and the HTML file when I’m done. It works perfectly!

I’m thoroughly enjoying my new serverbox and all that I’m able to do with it. Given patience, I’m really getting the feeling that there’s very little that I can’t do with it. :3