StarCraft “Pro”-Casting Flibble

In college, my friends and I looooved Starcraft (the original one, II hadn’t come out yet). We would regularly play games on the college LAN, and over time I became one of the pre-eminent players along with Andrew Lambourne. Tons of fun was had before everyone got tired of Andrew and I trading wins back and forth, almost always kicking everyone else’s ass. XD

Anyway, when I went to Korea, I was in professional Starcraft territory and I reveled in it! I started attending live pro-games at the GOM TV studio in Mok-dong. I became one of the regulars and was often featured on the live internet broadcasts as the token “White Guy,” especially if I had a sign.

Anyway, one day one of the English casters was out for some reason, and I was randomly invited into the casting booth to fill in. Well! That was definitely the offer of a life time. If I were smart I would have said “no,” but I wasn’t smart and I wanted to make some memories. I ended up “professionally” casting, live on the internet, three matches that evening, and booooy oh boy did I make an ass of myself. XD I’m both glad and regret that I’ve not found videos of that procast so that I could watch myself fail so hard at being charismatic.

Even so, for having never done something like that before, I think I acquitted myself well enough and there was even a fan thread on the Team Liquid forums. I now present that thread to you so that you can share in some of my embarrassment from that time and an honestly fun memory. I wouldn’t take back what I did at all. 🙂